Why you should choose our packaging solutions?

We are proud of our collegues working on your helping in your packaging problems. What you have ordered (e.g. pallet, crate, box or any other packaging materiel) will be produced according to specifications for the confirmed delivery date on the terms agreed.

The expected quality is controlled by our strict quality control system. All products have own production drawings made by Stefa-Pack Plc. approved by both parties in order to avoid any kind of technical reclaim.

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How do our solutions offer more?

Solutions offerd by our company will exactly live up to your expectations and we give warranty for our products. You will not have the problem of delay in packing your valuable product.

We can offer more in serving you more than expected to be satisfied not only with the product but with personnel as well.

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Why is it worth to order form our company?
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Need technical support? We help you!

Stefa-Pack Plc. does its best to help you to find the most optimal packaging with the experience got during the years.
Our employees examine your product shall be packed at your location, and our proposal will be available soon.

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